We are concentrating on...

... the sectors of engineering, law, and economy. Should you require translations in other sectors, please do not hesitate to contact us - we will be pleased to furnish you with further information!

[trænz]LATIONSstands for professional translation and localization of your documents. Provided that your source document is appropriate, the translation is created by means of a modern translation memory system. Our range of services also includes proofreading by a native speaker. If you modify the translated text after the initial delivery of your translation, we will be pleased to offer you a second run of proofreading before the document will be released for printing. Furthermore, our range of services includes terminology work, i.e. compiling and updating your specific terminology.

We are always working in close cooperation with our customers to get answered comprehension questions. This is often essential, particularly for the translation of technical texts and contractual texts, as well.

Our rates depend on language, specialized field, and order volume. We will be pleased to negotiate an all-inclusive price prior to order placement. However, we will need details regarding the exact order volume beforehand. As a matter of course, we will treat all given information as strictly confidential!

We will submit our quotations without engagement, free of charge for you, and at short notice. Feel free to send us an e-mail or call us by phone. We will immediately submit a customized quotation!